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There are a lot of study guides available in the market, but if you are preparing for OCAJP 8 or Java SE 11 certification you can take a look at these resources to find a good study guide. I was a big fan of the book and I am still is but in last a few years, online courses have my main source of learning anything. You must code daily to develop a coding sense, which will help you to read code given in the real exam. So, without wasting any more time, here are my five tips to prepare well for the OCAJP and OCPJP exams. In order to prepare well and get a high score, here are some tips I am going to share.

java se developer certification

You can ask questions, clear doubts, and become familiar with other candidates who are preparing for exams. You may be able to find some buddies as well who can prepare with you for exams. Btw, if you are buying Whizlab’s simulator then you can also use the coupon code “JAVACOMBO2” to get a 25% discount. There is no better way to prepare for Oracle’s Java certification than joining a good course.

Curriculum + Certification = Skills + Careers

Are you an aspiring Java developer willing to build a Java career ahead? Looking for IT certifications you can do to take your career to the next level? The best IT certifications for Java developers include different areas like Java, Spring, Cloud, Linux, Project management, and others. You can choose the certification which aligns with your career goal. You must code daily to develop a coding sense, which will help you to read the code given in the real exam. In the case of OCPJP, it becomes even more important because attention to detail is required to understand each coding question before you select options.

The candidate should bring two valid forms of identification; both must contain your signature, one should contain a photo, one should be government-issued.

Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer (also formerly the Sun Certified Java Programmer)

This will be your go-to place to find the latest Java best practices and resources anytime in the future. We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers. If you want to wait for new Java SE 17 certification, you can also wait but you should start preparation now so that you can cover 90% topics which will most likely remain same. Make it a goal this year, and you will surely be a certified Java Developer in the next year. It provides the most comprehensive coverage and given their experience in the area, you can rest assured of quality.

These tips have helped me in the past to score more than 90% on the certifications. A Java certification is highly regarded in the IT Industry and provides a Java developer with recognition worldwide. It helps you to find a better job, get a better salary, and even a better raise or bonus at your current job. Certifications provide validation of specific technical knowledge and capabilities and show students’ potential to continue to build knowledge and skills as they continue on their education and career pathways. Now that we have talked about the Best Java Courses and Certifications in 2023, you can make a better decision as which course to choose.


Candidates who hold this certification have demonstrated proficiency in Java (Standard Edition) software development recognized by a wide range of world-wide industries. They have also exhibited thorough and broad knowledge of the Java programming language, coding practices and utilization of new features incorporated into Java SE 11. By passing the required exams, a certified individual proves fluency in Java SE and acquisition of the skills required to be a Java software developer. This is another best Java course with certification which focuses on topics like Spring frmaework, Java EE, Android development, and more.

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You must definitely enroll for this course and gain an in-depth understanding of the core concepts. That’s the actually the most correct way and I must say that intangible benefit of certification outweigh the tangible benefits in terms of recognition but there are times when getting certified is required. They are the second best way, just next to a personal instructor or classroom training. You learn actively from experienced professionals who have gone through that path and know exactly where the breakers are and where the road is bumpy.

FAQs: Best Java Courses For Beginners

Oracle University offers different certifications for different Oracle products and services. A candidate chooses a certain certification that he/she wishes to earn and then follow the requirements for that particular certification. Requirements may include passing an exam offered by Pearson VUE, earning a prerequisite certification, completing training, or submitting a course verification form. Through Oracle certification, students can demonstrate a professional level of technical skills with a distinction recognized throughout the information technology industry.


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